Raymond Scott Quintette / Microphone Music (2CD)

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01. Egyptian Barn Dance
02. The Penguin
03. Christmas Night In Harlem
04. Pretty Petticoat #1
05. Square Dance For Eight Egyptian Mummies
06. Moment Whimsical
07. Devil Drums
08. A Litle Bit Of Rigoletto
09. Hypnotist In Hawaii
10. Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals
11. The Toy Trumpet
12. Suicide Cliff
13. Siberian Sleigh Ride
14. Steeplechase
15. Peter Tambourine
16. Celebration On The Planet Mars
17. Brass Buttons And Epaulettes
18. Bumpy Weather Over Newark
19. Pretty Petticoat #2
20. Turkish Mish-Mush
21. ”Powerhouse" Rehearsal

01. Microphone Music
02. Twilight In Turkey
03. New Year's Eve In A Haunted House
04. Tobacco Auctioneer
05. The Girl With The Light Blue Hair
06. Sleepwalker
07. The Happy Farmer
08. Oil Gusher
09. Boy Scout In Switzerland
10. Reckless Night On Board An Ocean Liner
11. Swing, Swing Mother-in-Law
12. Girl At The Typewriter
13. Yesterday's Ice Cubes
14. Pretty Petticoat #3
15. War Dance For Wooden Indians
16. Dead End Blues
17. Harlem Hillbilly
18. The Quintet Goes To A Dance
19. Bugle Call Rag
20. Powerhouse
21. Bonus/The Happy Frenzy at Aquackaknack

Produced by Irwin Chusid.