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Raymond Scott / Rewired (CD) 2014

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The Brain Flakes, The Evolution Control Committee, Go Home Productionsの3組によるレイモンド・スコット・リミックス集!

01. A Bigger, More Important Sound
02. The Toy Penguin
03. Cindy Byrdsong
04. Ripples on an Evaporated Lake
05. Sleigh Ride to a Barn Dance in Sorrento
06. The Night & Day Household Greyhound
07. Love Song to a Dynamic Ribbon Cardioid
08. (Serenade on) Carribea Corner
09. In an 18th Century Discotheque
10. The Sleepwalking Tobacco Auctioneer
11. Very Very Very Pretty Petticoat
12. Hillbilly Hostess in Hounted Harlem
13. Good Duquesne Air
14. Hey Ray
15. Siberian Tiger on an Ocean Liner
16. Mountain High, Valley Higher
17. Shirley's Temple Bells
18. Tick Tock Cuckoo on Planet Mars
19. Powerhouse

Produced by Irwin Chusid.
Cover Art: Jim Flora



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¥ 2,800 tax included