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MANHATTAN RESEARCH INC.でその片鱗が垣間見れたレイモンド・スコットのジングル/コマーシャル音楽集。ようやく入荷しました!

Disc 01
1. When You Bake With Gold Medal Flour [Demo]
2. The Taste Is Great (Tareyton Cigarettes)
3. When You Shop At A Food Town Store [Vocal]
4. Move Up To Schlitz
5. It's Compatible (RCA Victor TV)
6. Male/Female Scott Family Napkins Themes [Instrumental]
7. Road-Tuned Wheels (Mercury)
8. It Outsells Because It Excels (Duquesne Beer)
9. Hangover Dirt (Instant Fels Naptha)
10. Think Of A Carpet (Masland Carpets) [Instrumental]
11. Stop At The Esso Sign [Rehearsal 1]
12. S-W-E-L (Swel Frosting)
13. Song Of The Milk Bottle Moppets (Glass Container Institute)
14. So Good, So Fresh, So Southern (Mel Torme) (Southern Bread)
15. The Tingling Tartness Of Sprite [Instrumental]
16. Use Vicks Medicated Cough Drops [Electronic Version]
17. Stuckey's Theme [Vocal]
18. DX Super Boron (Sunray DX Oil Co.) [Demo]
19. Vibes & Marimba [Instrumental]
20. Miller Beer Theme [Instrumental Rehearsal]
21. Uptempo Theme With Vibes [Instrumental]
22. The Big M (Mercury)
23. Be Happy, Go Lucky (Lucky Strike)
24. There's A Tingle In The Taste (Fitger's Beer)
25. Way Ahead In Flavor / Almost Like Magic (My-T-Fine Pudding)
26. Scott Family Napkins Guidance Tracks
27. Melonball Bounce (Sprite) [Instrumental]
28. Go Greyhound - Leave The Driving To Us
29. Today's Best Buy (Plymouth) [Demo]
30. Who Took The Beer? (Hamm's Beer)
31. The Fashion To Be Fashionable (Ford Galaxie)
32. Dirty Carburetor #1 & #2 (Atlantic Imperial)
33. Bottled Soft Drinks Serenade (Glass Container Institute)
34. All-Purpose Breeze [Demo]
35. The Only Candy Bar (Fifth Avenue)
36. Better Get Some More Beer (Mel Torme) (Hamm's Beer)
37. Nothing Works Like Listerine
38. Let's Have a Sackful Of Krystals (Krystal Hamburgers)
39. Ex-Lax Helps You [Demo]

Disc 02
1. Lady Gaylord (Ideal Toys) [Alternate Instrumental]
2. Lilt Home Permanent (Procter & Gamble) [Demo]
3. Think Of A Carpet (Masland Carpets) [Vocal]
4. Seven-Minute Fluffy (Swel Frosting)
5. Super Cheer Detergent (Procter & Gamble)
6. Look For That Hotpoint Difference
7. Let's Have A Sackful Of Krystals (Krystal Hamburgers) [Instrumental]
8. The Tingling Tartness Of Sprite [Vocal]
9. Good News?Here's Hamm's Beer
10. What's New, Bokoo? / An Unusual Name
11. Buy A Carton Of Lucky Strike
12. Right Car, Right Price (Chrysler)
13. Wave Your Hair With Hudnut Care (Richard Hudnut)
14. It's The Ice-Creamiest (Russell's Ice Cream)
15. Stuckey's Theme [Instrumental]
16. WQXI Bumper Montage
17. Use Vicks Medicated Cough Drops
18. Delicate Theme [Instrumental]
19. Use Trushay
20. Tingle In The Taste (Fitger's Beer) [Duet]
21. The Big Change (RCA Victor TV)
22. Use New Instant Autocrat (Autocrat Coffee)
23. Hamm's Beer Theme [Instrumental]
24. Trushay Theme 1 [Instrumental]
25. DX Super Boron (Sunray DX Oil Co.) [Instrumental]
26. Melonball Bounce (Sprite) [Vocal]
27. Stop At The Esso Sign [Rehearsal 2]
28. Watch The Vibrations Of A Tuning Fork (Bulova Accutron)
29. Breeze Along With Ease
30. Have A Duke (Duquesne Beer)
31. RCA Victor High Fidelity Theme
32. RFK, Liz & Dick, Nudity In Movies (Look Magazine)
33. When You Shop At A Food Town Store [Instrumental]
34. Good News?Here's Hamm's Beer (Mel Torme)
35. Best Looking Buys In Each Size (Mercury)
36. New Sensations In Sound (RCA Victor TV)
37. Make Him A Legend In His Own Time (British Sterling)
38. Living Curl / They Did It! (Revlon Hair Spray)
39. Lady Gaylord (Ideal Toys) [Trumpet Effects Instrumental]
40. Keep On The Go With Atlantic (Atlantic Imperial)
41. Look At That Sunbeam Bread! [Demo]
42. Tart And Tingling [French Version]
43. Trushay Theme 2 [Instrumental]